"I think the surest way to affect the next generation for a greater awakening of significance, is the unveiling of the grace gospel to our children. A gospel which point them to their true identity and significance; on the basis of grace through faith in Christ Jesus, and not a daily audition for the rat race of society"... Continue Reading →

The imago dei She is so beautiful Gorgeously blessed Through and through 2 She lost it all; A decade ago When beauty took a new form A direction; The wrong direction 3 Alas! She joined the rat race Unending universal marathon 4 Tell her! The crushed petal of the flower; You are beautiful Just as you are... Continue Reading →

What if I miss God

This question was posed to me in an email recently. And since that email three weeks ago, I have received six more just like it, asking about how we can know God’s will for our lives. Of all the things people ask me, questions around knowing God’s will, doing God’s will or being in God’s... Continue Reading →

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