I need a bird in my empty cage Sing lullaby till thy baby rest Cage my thoughts in your love songs Who doesn't love the birds of love labor Without price you sung your labor songs Unschooled in thy conscious servitude You washed my brain with life themes Ear to hear, eyes to see you freely... Continue Reading →

“You have the yeast in you to doesn't matter the color of your flour”                                                                                ... Continue Reading →


Dear Former Church: I hope you are not shocked to be reading my letter. I know it’s been more than three years since we crossed on each others path Let me go straight to the point. I was reminiscing through memory lane; the years we shared together at East Effort Avenue, until I found the joy... Continue Reading →

Almost overnight, everything changed... Everything I had been taught about God, the church, the world around me, and my identity. Everything I have practiced with zeal and zest, from my late teens into adulthood received a new shift. I share this experience with you, with honor and praise to the Holy Spirit...who always works to... Continue Reading →

Grace and the way we see God

One of the best explanations of faith that I have learned is this: “Faith is simply a good opinion of God”. This makes it so simple for me. When I need faith, I don’t have to look at myself to produce faith. I just need to look at God. And true enough, in times where... Continue Reading →

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