If the door slides open And you have the chance To walk through the edges Of a friends secret past; You've been handed with great Opportunity to see and heal It is unwise to summon strangers To visit this cherished museum, of scars. The world would be a better place If friends and love ones... Continue Reading →



Rat racing for a name: she sold her name. One way ticket to the unknown; she bought. Travelling on hell’s road to get to a heaven: One spot for gazillion souls. Soul sick bleeding blue singing blues. Dozing off on this train; She missed this famous stop. Sadly, she got holes punched on her one... Continue Reading →


We sat in the dust Just wondering how Surrounded by darkness A thick wall of resistance Our persistence fades Wells so dry; Our children cry for wellness We sat in the dark with empty stomach Tears in our eyes; Like lonely birds on broken branches, Drenched in cold; after the hurricane Just wondering why; Our... Continue Reading →

Glamorously she walked out of the bedroom Virgin feet on the cold wood virgin floor She looked through the window; The window which faces nowhere In her silent look; She soliloquized 99 questions, but no one heard Idea captured her imagination; lightening speed She is enchanted by his silky voice and craftiness A face for... Continue Reading →

You never said: do it yourself My blood tissue infested with; I can do it without you virus In my pride: I became a disciple of Frederich Nietzsche Our creed: You are dead You remain dead We have killed you In my ignorance: I gave up on your blind walking stick I know how to... Continue Reading →

More than an energy field Protons, electromagnetic radiation Every turn on the curve of the day Feel His hand on thy shoulders Release your inhibitions You are holding too much Every song is an idea You are a lyricist Write your song Step on the plate For a home run You are an actor This... Continue Reading →


I must confess without apology If poetry is an emotional distraction I have been distracted by its seduction Warm floating moisture of the bathroom The leafless lonely tree under the weather Emanates life and colorful images of wisdom Arresting my soul; the unforced rhythm of grace Mesmerizing my emotions through musical landscapes Diverse cultures and worlds... Continue Reading →

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