What if we all know the unknown? What if your heart was mine, for a day or two? Would you trade yours for my aching soul? Tiptoeing through storm-tossed lives; blind. Minding my own hurts and worry business Blind and blank to the deep wounds of others Coat of many colors, one common thread The... Continue Reading →


Many consider what separates the old covenant of law and the new covenant of grace is the blank page between the book of Malachi and Mathew. It sounds very funny, but you must understand, it is one of the unknown mysteries in Christianity  hidden from the body of Christ, due to our emotional attachment to... Continue Reading →

The incredible difference between the Old covenant of Law and the New covenant of grace is a mystery I will be writing about in my ensuing notes on Law vs. Grace Series, to throw light on God’s goodness towards people and the purpose of His new covenant. Many consider what separates the old covenant of law and... Continue Reading →

Love and faith are the most powerful forces on earth. Love births and drives the later. This means love commands faith to perform. Without love; giving is genuinly impossible and living will never exist . By love faith creates life and by it with nothing everything was made. What love cannot deliver nothing can. Love... Continue Reading →


I just sat with a lady who has lost her dad a few hours ago to comfort her through the word. I saw her glow and burst into laughter in the middle of our conversation.  You can't comfort the empty soul of a young lady who love her dad so much with biblical exegesis and formulas.... Continue Reading →

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