I want to sit at your feet to behold your beauty I want to sit at your feet, consumed by your love Free my soul from the snare of the Fowler Free my soul from bowing down to other gods Trapped in the prison of this life my soul wonder and cringed The zeal of... Continue Reading →


Dear reader, I don't know what your pain is today I don't know how exactly the odds are I just want you to know that you are in the plans of God His thoughts towards you today is love, Crazy love, embedded in eternal purpose No matter how steep or crooked life road may look... Continue Reading →

Almost overnight, everything changed... Everything I had been taught about God, the church, the world around me, and my identity. Everything I have practiced with zeal and zest, from my late teens into adulthood received a new shift. I share this experience with you, with honor and praise to the Holy Spirit...who always works to... Continue Reading →

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