10/10 GLORY

Do you know you have one life to live and every other thing that temporarily makes you tick has the side effect to make you tired, worn out and burn out in despair today or tomorrow? The life here and tomorrow is guaranteed 110%¬†with glory in Christ Jesus for all who will place their trust... Continue Reading →


¬† STORY HIGHLIGHTS President Paul Biya has ordered 100 churches closed throughout Cameroon The illegal Pentecostal churches are security threats, the government argues Pentecostal congregants say criticism of the government is behind the shutdown Yaounde, Cameroon (CNN) -- Cameroon's President Paul Biya has ordered the closure of nearly 100 Christian churches in key cities, citing... Continue Reading →

Anti-gay campaigner, Moses Foh-Amoaning has described as propagandist, attempts by gay activists to brand Ghana as a haven for homosexuals. An online hub for homosexual materials disclosed that although Ghana was not an African gay paradise, there are desperate young men who are looking for greener pastures and so willing to jump at opportunities offered... Continue Reading →

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