Cover me.
Fill me.
My naked
scars, and
May thy soul
lifts it’s
to nestle me
in peace.

I lay on dark beds
Sitting at the center
Of the universal bubble

Toss and turn
Mind leans on
Empty promises
My shield catch
Fire, my soul in
Retreat, almost
In surrender to

Why do you taunt
And ridicule me, in
Open fields, surrounded
By agitators

Let love found me
In this mayhem
They point their
Arrows on my scars,
And drains my nectar
From the wells of my

Toss and turn
I sleep on the edge
My mind leans on fear

But God is great
In the eyes of the
Lover i find shelter
His love embrace
Shelters me from
The chaos of a
Wind, and voices
That has no faces.

A.G. McDaniels / 2017



I am under total obligation by the spirit of Christ to love, regardless of what I feel. 

Our feelings and emotions are at war with the designed purpose of the spirit; loving like Christ. 

Each one of us (believers) carry the new wine of God within us. The new wine is the presence of agape that filled the empty places of our degenerated being, giving us a new life. A life flowing from the abundant life of love. (See John 10:10) If the the farmer rest all his tools at the corner of the house, and he does not utilize its potential benefits, it’s his fields that will suffer. We are the tools of God. This world is God’s own fields — filled with empty beings that really needs the touch of his finger.

Are we not the tools of God? Are we not wired in the same essence of divinity? But the most important question is this; “is God behaving himself in me? consciously, impacting others with His great love?. To those who feels emotionally drained, because of hurt and ingratitude meted out to you, let God wash your soul with grace so that you can freely share the gift of love without prejudice.

Psalms 62:11 “God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God.” 

All of Gods power is embodied in Love. God is love. His power is revealed through love. This same power is demonstrated in our endeavors. There is no greater power than the power of love. When all we do is infused with love, the end result will always reveals the supernatural power of God. Receive power today, and share power today. The power is love, for all the empty places of your being, until it gushed out of your soul. 

Your love can shape ones destiny

Your love will encourage the broken

Your love will feed the hungry

Your love will forgive all those who hurt you

Your love will deliver you from fear

Your love will make you more happier 

Your love is the catalyst for healing

Your love will save a lost soul

Your love will make someone smile 

Your love will reinvigorate your dreams

Your love makes you a rare Christian 

Your love can deliver you from religion

Your love will make you open minded 

Your love will free you from racism

Your love will make you productive at work

Your love makes you a loyal soul

Your love will make you mourn with those…

Your love changes your own countenance 

So go ahead and be the love too

Cause love is who you .

Go ahead and make love attractive 


McDaniels A Gyamfi


There’s no perfect haven, without you.


I’ve been fooled by my ego

I’ve been fooled; adorned in



No one ever told me that,

there is beauty in the imperfect 

I only saw your inadequacies 


No one ever told me that,

 everything evolves 

becoming something 



My tongue became the rope that

Tied you down in insecurities 


I killed your self esteem;

Comparing you to the 

illusional neon signs on

the highway.


I’m surrounded by obscure 


floored by an 



Oh, I dispelled the light

Of your presence

Embracing illusions


There is no perfect haven

without the light of your being



I was a fool

And I never knew that

Love accepts, cherish,

And appreciate things

Just the way they are.


Ah, I was a hypocritical 

Pious fool


I pray that this darkness 

doesn’t choke me to death 

Cause, I’m slipping slowly

to an unknown universe,

Without you.


| Everything evolves. Including yourself

   | copyright 2016 //  McDaniels Gyamfi

     Photo Credit: Google image


We build bubble coves,

to hide away from the storms 

of life, 

knowing too well that

 it could only provide us some 

temporal warmth, and safety, 

yet we rebel against 

the voice of our spirit


The spirit who only yearns 

for eternal pleasures, 

and lasting security 

for our own benefit 



we been reduced to 

mere seekers of  

temporal bliss,


being caged in an exaggerated 

emotional prison?


We’re wrapped in facade

Dancing to the tune we

never requested.


Who am I?

Who controls me?

Why am I dancing to this song?

Is there more to know than this?


Illuminate the darkness—

Chase it through the desert,

Out of your soul;

Burying her in the oceans depths


You shall return to your primal self

This is not you

This is never you

Find you, and live you


Oh, earth-maker 

Oh, earth-maker

Maybe, you can give me

a reality to hold on to.


Exaggerated Tales

Copyright 5/20/16 McDaniels Gyamfi



Filled with greed. 

They sat in the mud they’ve invented, 

sipping koolade from the cup in our hands. 


Our soul weeps

Our lips are dry, for lack of words—

to express our pain,

our hopelessness 

Oh, the economic darkness 

that hangs over our heads


A pocket full of rocks, 

but we want peace and not war

We waited for a savior, but they

gave us Barabbas;

to rule over a weakling lamb.


Let’s go the West

Let’s got to the west 

Let’s go and drink 

milk and honey.

Alas, no one knew what was

in stored —

a belly filled with illusional 

promises, and hopes;

the catalyst of wanderers.


We died with our kids

We died from severe hunger;

Enroute to Rome.


We died with anger 

When help never came


We died unfulfilled 

We died unfulfilled 

Cause our leaders emptied

the destiny in our cups

as we wandered like sheeps

without shepherds.


Ah, we died like animals

We died like we were not humans


We are dead.


Gone too soon.

Like a candle;

after the storm.


Millions will join us…

As long us greedy people 

Rule the land of my fathers.


Rhythms Of Africa

Copyright 5/17/16  || McDaniels Gyamfi