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More than an energy field

Protons, electromagnetic radiation

Every turn on the curve of the day

Feel His hand on thy shoulders

Release your inhibitions

You are holding too much

Every song is an idea

You are a lyricist

Write your song

Step on the plate

For a home run

You are an actor

This is your stage

Get into character

Every action is a seed

Bigger than Grammy’s:

Your harvest

The world has waited;

On their faces shadow gloom

Stop holding the smile:

That lighted the darkest path

Love is a verb

Just do it

Love is a noun

That’s who you are

Thy strength:

The fortitude of the chains,

That once bound you

But now;

A rod of iron in thy right hand

© 2014™GOG|McDaniels Gyamfi


-McDaniels Gyamfi-

Photo Credit: Google image
I am your great Shepherd

John 14:6: Via, Veritas, Vita – “The Way, The Truth, The Life”