valentine lantern

God be with thee, my friend

God be with thee, beloved

You walk not alone

You walk not alone

Stop tearing up into despair

Natures kindness awaits you

Get out of thy self

Get out of thy doors

Walk with expectation on your steps

To fear of the valley’s is a walk of self

To fear of tomorrow is to die today

When the voice of thy friends goes silent

Birds of yonder places thy gentle reminder

You walk not alone

He is with thee to the end

Lift up thy head

 Lift up thy soul

Breath with hope, beloved

When thy weakling feet gives up on you

And the night sky dims of its glowing light

His light shall be your faith and wings to soar

Copyright 2014 GOG|McDaniels Gyamfi

Self-published vs. traditional vs. hybrid vs. mutant ink scribbler

Gravity of Grace Note: It is every bloggers dream to one day publish their work. I find it very interesting reading this post. I trust God that this bless you and help you navigate through the dark tunnel of publishing.

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McDaniels Gyamfi

Michael J. Martinez

Traditionally published and coming May 6. Traditionally published and coming May 6.

Can’t we all just get along?

The whole “self-publishing vs. traditional publishing” brouhaha got a shot of (unneeded) adrenaline over the past few weeks when Hugh Howey — a stand-up guy and my agency-mate — published his latest round of reports over on Author Earnings. Hugh’s obviously a huge proponent of self-publishing, and rightly so. He’s done quite all right by it, and that’s an epic understatement.

The gist of his report was that independent self-published authors, on average, can take home more money than traditionally published authors. I’m sure I’m oversimplifying matters, so you can see some of his work here and here.

This led to a lot of…stuff. Commentary and ideas that transmuted into sharpened words and the occasional bit of uninformed blathering levied by genuine insights.

You know, as the Internet does.

I’m not going to get into the…

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Lo! on a narrow neck of land, 'Twixt two unbounded seas, I stand. Secure, insensible.  - Charles Wesley

Someday I will probably have to split my life story in three. One titled darkness, and the other light…and the one that falls between will be somewhat a grey area…where the line between there and here is so thin, they intertwine, mingle and shove me into a murky trench. My story will tell of the journey from one end, the stop in the middle, and the glorious emergence to the other side. Of these two sides, are poets who touch me deeply, Sylvia Plath on one side, and Charles Wesley on the other.

I am not writing about Plath today. Fine poet she was, her influence on me will not be forgotten. I write about Charles Wesley, another poet who was not superhuman, note it…he was mortal like us, and so like us he lived, and died…he had his own journey and if you pay attention to his works, you’d…

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