The Christmas season it’s in full swing. As usual, love is in the air…the Jesus love and brotherly kindness. I wish all my cyber world friends prosperity for the NOW season, and in the ensuing year a heart filled with a brand new passion for Jesus and a new frequency within His purpose. I reblog my post; WHAT WENT WRONG WITH JESUS (THE NEW BORN KING) AFTER CHRISTMAS. Keep the momentum going on. Don’t stop the Jesus festival. Spread Him like graffiti on the walls of your community and wherever the soles of your feet shall tread upon. Merry Christmas and love to you all!


Christmas is almost here. Many church planning committees are within schedule, planning to bring Jesus out of obscurity into the open. Detailed plans and effort are given for the grandeur display, of the Son of God. Many believers are in great anticipation for Jesus centered sermons, songs, concerts and shows, to ignite their emotions. Excitement is in the air, and we all can’t wait for the pomp and pageantry of the celebration of a life time. 

I love Christmas
I love it to the Max
I love the lights and the red ribbons
I love the good will messagesjesus out
I love how we act nicely towards each other
I love the zeal and the enthusiasm of the preacher
The old story of Jesus birth is retold in new depths
I love to see Jesus at the center of it all
Thank God for Christmas…
He is given His place, in all…

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